Year in Pictures, Part 2: Kinsley Nikhil

Kinsley’s already 13 months old . . . Last month on his birthday week we chose a set of pictures (one or two from each month – and a few extras I put in!).  We chose photos that reflect a tiny bit of the boy given to us. The boy we’re getting to know as Kinsley Nikhil Lavallee Horlings. . . We’re only able to describe a little of what we mean, but we do enjoy these things about him. I already sent the first set, here’s the 2nd (warning: lots of photos!)

Six months old


Six months old

He still does that with his hands, but I haven’t been able to catch in on camera recently.


Good sport at laundry time (2 months old) Â Even at 2 months old, he seems not only to get the humor in being dumped (safely!) in a pile of laundry, he's expressing it!

So proud!

Daddy is so proud of me! He gets that Papi is so proud of his son, handsome in a new outfit! Â

Passport time! (3 months)Â We're trying to make him smile and he proceeds to make US smile with his expression!

Laughter (3 months)Â One of my favorite photos - a moment of family fun (trying to stay warm!) in Philadelphia, Pa


The things mom will do to keep me quiet in the car (p.s. the can isn't open) 3 months . . . traveling back from Pa . . .Â


Airplane again!

Second time on an airplane (4 months)

I didn’t know what to expect traveling alone with an infant – Kinsley did great, and everyone is really helpful when you have a wee one!


Getting stuck (4 months old)

For a couple months, Kinsley could only scoot backwards – and would get himself stuck, like here under the futon in his room!


It's such fun when Papi is at my level - then I can play jokes too!

Kinsley was sitting up at 5 months old – and the weekend of Thanksgiving he finally got the hang of crawling forward!


Outdoor fun! (5 months)

Playing shy or playing a joke? (6 months)

It looks like he’s cuddling in this picture, but this is actually him pretending? to be shy – he did it regularly enough, and with enough smiles, we think he knew he was the center of attention and he could get a reaction when he hid like this.


Figuring it all out (6 months)

Having his first cold didn’t stop him from exploring!  He never got a cold until he was 6 months old – we are so thankful for his good health!!


A new place - exploring time! (6 months)

Incidentally, I’m posting from the same hotel as in this picture.  We’re back, 7 months later and he’s still exploring!  (hopefully another post!)


Staring at the fire - for a long time

Hearths became one of his favorite places to explore.  I never knew babies could focus on one thing for so long – as he’s doing with the fire in this picture.


The hearth at home (6 months)

The hearth is his favorite place in the house.  He’ll take his toys or his books and sit down, content. It’s a safe place for him – partly because my mom encouraged his exploring and spent a lot of time teaching him to get up and down safely, reading to him and playing with him on it.


Helping man the booth at the CBTC Creative Christmas sale (6 months)

Sometimes the best way to explore is with Mama – though he did plenty of exploring on his own here too!


All smiles for Christmas

Kinsley loved exploring around the Christmas tree – but thankfully no pulling of the branches!


With all his love of exploring, one of the things Kinsley loves most to do is run back to us.  Makes us happy . . .


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