Home Again

Technical malfunctions kept us from posting on the last couple days in Nigeria. We arrived back in Jackson safely on Wed evening.  We were sad to leave! … but glad to be home.  Tired from 24 hours of travel! … and probably still disoriented.  We saw, heard and did so much in a short time with many, many people!  … so very thankful for a bountiful trip.




Thanks for your encouragements, prayers, thoughts and comments on the posts. We may be quiet for a while re-orienting to life here. And sorting through the 30GB of pics and videos!

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Wuru edagarang – Aten Cultural Festival

Today we went to the 2016 Wuru edagarang – a celebration of the cultural heritage of the Aten people. A focal point of the festivities was the horse racing. In the background below are also the hills the Aten lived in for a period of their history.

Cultural events typically include interesting colors, people, things to see and, sometimes, random animals … such as the esteemed guest below.

The kids were a little overwhelmed, of course. Yet they still made effort to greet people.

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