Year in Pictures – Kinsley Nikhil, Pt. 3

Kinsley’s story continued . . .

Don't feel great, just watching what's going on

More pictures? . . . He's a bit shy when he doesn't feel good


Not great quality photo, but we love the joy, the intense interest in life

At the CBTC Christmas fair - helping organize - 6 months

So much fun to help organize the CBTC office! - 6 months

Helping decorate for Christmas. . . (6 months)

The best is helping Papa organize - packing for Nigeria! 8 months


First experience swimming, Wikki Warm Springs, Nigeria. 8 months

Papi WOULD get a picture with his mouth open - he's in the middle of an oration full of exciting stories. 7 months

Already loves to drive. 9 months

The classic baby-learning-to-eat-mess. This stage didn't actually last long. He still gets things messy sometimes, but only when he's feeling ornery or frustrated. mostly. 9 months

With Daysen, the son of one of my friends, a Choctaw translator. 10 months

A delighted interest! Sticks! 11 months

Hiking. Tired, but still smiling. 11 months

Serious about shoes! 12 months

Ready to water the plants and taking up post watching at the gate. 12 months

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