Year in Pictures, Part 1: Kinsley Nikhil

Two days old – Finding fingers 4 and 5 just perfect, Grandma.




Day 3 - Cuddling with contently sleeping Kinsley




Day 20 - Cuddling: Being born means getting to hear Daddy's heartbeat too.



Day 54 - cuddling in a restful place (Momma)

Day 56 - cuddling in a restful place (Papi)


Being Three:

1 week old (Father's Day)

I think we looked awkward that day, all trying to pose.  Our family photos in Feb seemed better – don’t know how Sara did it!

Then there were the other members of our household.  Thor:

Thor - Kinsley's first dog

Thor was a bit too blind, deaf and in pain to engage with Kinsley much, but this photo caught one of the first moments they recognized each other.

And Mr. Tip the Puss in Boots’ new friend:

2 mo. old. Tip's happy days: when Kinsley napped on the couch

And by 6 months old, Kinsley became the Cat Whisperer:

What fun!

We carried Kinsley until 2 months old, when he was big enough for the stroller:

We're going to zzzzzz . . .

By 6 months, he continued to enjoy the comfortable stroller nap opportunties . . .

Outside is still the best place to sleep

. . .  and also grew big enough for a shopping cart!


First retail cart









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