Hyatt Place

The Hyatt Place.

Cal had  trip to the Atlanta Bomgar office last month.  Kinsley and I went along. At first I was going to look for some things for he and I to do around Atlanta. but then decided there was enough at the hotel.  Especially given the fact I had some work that needed to get done.  I was right – we never got bored! (neither of us).  Our room was conveniently placed for not getting bored.

The first thing we enjoyed was the pool.  We went swimming every morning after Cal went to work, and then in the late afternoon around 5:30 or so – usually Cal was back in time to go with us.  Kinsley enjoyed going up and down the steps.

And having a platform for his orations.

And just  hanging out


After all that swimming, he was always tired – so thankful he sleeps well in new places!

The room was great – plenty of space for all his fancy toys.

Like plastic containers to stir in.

And camera cases while mom is documenting the adventure.

We went to company lunch.

They had fancy toys too!  Fuzzy, The Favorite.

He won hearts – here he is with his Bomgar-Atlanta friend, Sherry

And Thursday evening we went to dinner with 2 of Cal’s colleagues – below is Sandra (I’m not sure why we didn’t get a picture of Aramis, Cal’s boss).  It ended up being a late dinner, and Kinsley was exhausted – a.k.a. wired – and Sandra and Aramis both took him around the restaurant so Cal and I could eat. There was a window to see the chefs cooking, a Hidden City replica, lots of bamboo growing in various places and other cultural objects.

The view from the back of the hotel.

This and the swimming made the week for me. There is a path around the lake I ran on every morning.  I took Kinsley around the lake a couple days as well. The last day I discovered a path that diverges from the lake path into a small wooded area, but didn’t get a picture.

Other favorite activities of the day were exploring, watching the hotel workers and trying to help. (And getting to practice Spanish with a few.) He discovered apples, part of the lobby decor, and seeing his extreme interest, they assured me they were for the hotel guests.  He had an apple every day.

Even Friday, the day we left!   He took the apple with him, and I took this picture in the mirror while we were driving. I did get my work done, but the extra time to help him explore was the best part.



















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