Spring is filled with life and activity around here – high time to pause and visit with y’all . . .

For the interested (if you haven’t seen them already), Sara has posted a number of pictures from our family time in Nigeria here.

On the Kinsley front, he’s been busy enjoying the great outdoors:
helping mom with the flower beds

and playing with Tip

He’s also been busy exploring cupboards. The one with pans is particularly interesting because, as he’s found out, if you hold the metal bowls only by the edge and bang them, they make a ringing sound rather than just the loud crash they make otherwise.

He’s also been exploring new food options — “Whatever mom and dad are eating must be more interesting than what they pawn off on me!”  (below are roasted sweet potatoes and beets after eating pumpkin soup, of which you can still see the evidence)

Must build time into the busy schedule for ‘Lola’ (Filipino for grandma) and ‘the cousins’!

Of course, life wouldn’t be complete without Kinsley taking first hesitant steps and communicating with facial expressions that dad really can’t be serious about wanting to take a picture of said activity.

On top of all the normal work she does, Christel’s been busy around the house – experimenting with tulips and rescuing distressed stawberry plants. She’s also been coordinating a retreat for the Choctaw Translators that something or someone really doesn’t want to happen!

Cal’s been busy with work but had a great experience this weekend. Paul and I both ran in the “Run From The Sun” 5K race. About the 3.5K mark I saw I was catching up to Paul. About the 75/100m mark I kicked into “end-strong” mode and cruised past him. Unfortunately he wasn’t going to take that sitting down so 30 ft later he’s right next to me and we’re in a dead sprint for the finish! We actually crossed the line together but the local paper caught us blowing past a couple competitors on the way

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