Fair with Friends

I forgot two things: sandal story and a picture.

We had two more visits to the Carthage park fair week.  I could not locate Rio’s sandals in the midst of the craziness Monday and Tuesday.  By Wednesday I was worried. Hot Mississippi July really requires sandals.  Finally it occurred to me we might have left them at the park.   So we stopped. Voila!!  Sandals by the brick wall.

Friend time Friday morning we went to the park early before the heat.  We managed to hang on to the sandals this time!  Sorry,  I never remember to take pictures at the park.

Friday evening they got to walk around the fair with Cerulean and his parents.  Here they are on a ride with Cerulean.  I’m having trouble getting this posted.  Rio has found me.  He keeps pointing at Cerulean, Kinsley and himself, wants me to name them.  Quick while he’s off.  Then I’m sure I’ll do it some more! 😀IMG_2914

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