66th Annual Choctaw Indian Fair!

Wednesday we traveled back up to the translation office where we camped out the rest of the week. The other workers had opened up the booth at 11am Wed. morning.  I provided support from the office during the day and most evenings when Cal I arrived I went in to help at the booth.

Camping at the office had it’s challenges. Mostly the “no, you may not touch” variety.  (Why oh why are paper clips and staplers so much more interesting than toys?!?) But the boys responded well and it got easier.  Kinsley even participated!  One day when I was moving things he found a vacuum “my size!”  He did quite a bit!!! Of course Rio had to try too!
IMG_2922Friday my mom and my niece came to see the fair.  Our friend Juanita came with her to play with the boys so I could work a little extra.  We also took the kids to the cultural activities.  “Shawi” is a raccoon who speaks Choctaw. (Shawi is Choctaw for raccoon.)IMG_8187

They had animal balloons! Here’s Rio’s  ’ofi’ (doggie)IMG_8221

Kinlsey with his ’ki̱ta’ (beaver).IMG_8222

Saturday Cal did some more office tasks.   Such as hanging items on the wall:IMG_8226

We worked hard. Time to let the kids play hard too! While I was at the booth Friday and Saturday evenings Cal took the boys to the rides:IMG_2931IMG_2925

And Saturday evening they got to stay up late!! Last evening of the fair.  Time to pack the booth into the pick-up truck and head back to the office.  Kinsley and I rode on the back!IMG_8231

Here’s my favorite fair picture.  Choctaw cultural activity for kids.  Traditional rabbit hunting with a rabbit stick. The kids get to throw a real rabbit stick at felt rabbits.  Our friend Jason ran the activity.  Rio’s turn!IMG_8274

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