It’s been a month and a half.  So many memories to share, so many big things in life to talk about….but that would take a long time.  Instead, here are some moments…like the cradle.

 A couple months ago, a spot for baby to sleep moved up to the top of the priority list.  There’s so much craziness around us.  So there’s a lot to get done.  But really, we like our home.  It has a lot of peacefulness in it. So no matter when baby comes, we’re ready.  Except there’s no place for baby to sleep! I’d lent out the cradle last year.  Then I found out it wasn’t going to come back.

So we found a cradle, Kinsley and I picked it up, brought it home, cleaned it and set it up to see how it would fit in our space.  And it was just the thing.  Kinsley’s cousin Kaizen took a nap that afternoon. Kaiz and his family arrived in Jackson en route from Japan to USA home Memphis. (I’ve been forgetting to take pictures, so we don’t have a picture of Kaiz, just of Kinsley, who is quite excited for baby to sleep in the cradle)


Some of the craziness is simply that when the need arose, we decided it was important to continue to spend time with the Choctaw if it worked for all of us.  It means Kinsley gets extra time with friends.   Last week he and his friend Jack got their picture in the local paper on their trip to the zoo!

We’ve had our good friend Tim over some mornings to do activities with Kinsley while I work from home.  It gives Kinsley more practice being around a baby – their baby Svetlana is about 8 months old. Kinsley likes to help with her bottle.


  After working Mon-Wed, Thursday is cleaning day.  Kinsley loves to help.  Sometimes he has his own ideas.  He helped me fold the towel lengthwise, but then he wanted to roll it! 


So this morning it was high time to go to the park.  He and I got to play for awhile just us.  Then it was excitement time – his cousin Arianna and my sister Elizabeth came.


The coolness of the shade, a Mississippi cedar, and some surprising flowers in the fence caught my attention too.

IMG_1111 IMG_1116


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