Kinsley is making great use of the langauge skills he’s acquired. Talking. Constantly. … at times he seems to be trying to raise the national average of words spoken by males singlehandedly! What’s painfully amusing is when he seems to know quite precisely what he wants to say but his oral phoneme factory is miles behind his thought process — verbal flow log-jam in his ‘boca’ (“mouth”)!

A couple of snippets that have come out are worth mentioning for posterity and future wedding reception (when/if that happens).

– Laura Christel was reminding him not to climb on the couch. Kinsley’s response was to state the reason for her instruction: “Kinli stand couch, Kinli fall down! Crack my ‘bessa!” (i.e. cabeza, ‘head’ in Spanish – z has the ‘s’ sound). Not only is the spanglish amusing, we’d not heard him use the word “crack” before either.

– He’s taken to pretending to cook eggs while one of us is working in the kitchen. All of the sudden he pipes up “Oh! ‘[for]got turn on stove!” … oops; not going to cook too much if you forget to turn on the stove. Wonder where he heard that before?

– K is not a great fan of salad (or at least lettuce). I put some of the dressing he loves on the few leaves on his plate that he had to finish for supper one evening. This time, rather than devolving into either him having to be tricked or a battle of wills, the next thing I know he has one of the leaves lifted way up over head and he announces “Kinli eat giant!” (he’s a big fan of both the David/Goliath story as well as Jonah and the the big fish). The next leaf went up in the air and he announced “Kinli eat lion!”. I think the next one was a bear but the lettuce went down his hatch one animal at a time and he even asked for more so I wasn’t complaining!

– He’s typically quite interested in what either Laura Christel or I are doing — “What mommy do?”, “What daddy do?”. This week we launched into a whole new era … “Why?”. K and I had couple minutes to swing by a park on our way home. As he was climbing on the fire truck I stood on the made-out-of-semi-buried-tires Loch Ness monster. Inevitably came the “What daddy do?” “I’m standing on the dragon.” but this time also “Why?” … “um … ’cause I want to?” beats me why I was standing there but the answer seemed to appease him temporarily. I think it was only repeated 5 times over the remaining 15 minutes.

– (Laura Christel here) Kinsley is quite aware of his Daddy’s jokes, and laughs at them easily.  He’s also started to come up with retorts.  Kinsley just hit a growth spurt a couple days ago, and at breakfast asked for seconds of both eggs and cereal.  Cal says “You’re not supposed to have an empty leg until you’re 12!  You’re going to break my budget!” Kinsley said “Hmm?”  So Cal repeated “You’re going to break my budget!”  We know Kinsley knows the word ‘break’.  ‘Budget,’ however…..  After asking “hmm?” once or twice more, Kinsley looked straight back at Cal.  He said with the exact same mock-serious-authoritative tone of voice, “I’m going to crack my ‘beza!”

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