Bomgar perks

So this morning after breakfast, as he’s about to go to work, Cal says something I don’t expect.   He starts as mundanely as possible, “What is Kinsley doing this afternoon?”  Not an odd question.  Just an odd placement in our family discourse.  I knew I was supposed to inquire.  Then, “They’re doing this helicopter tour of Jackson”. . . that’s Cal speak for “Bomgar is giving me a seat in helicopter and that will fly over our house so Kinsley can see it!”

Bomgar did this as perk for employees who had been there over 5 years.

Cal texted me when he went up.  I got Kinsley and took him out on the porch.  I showed him the picture and told him that we were waiting to watch Daddy in the “Byanplane” (Kinsley’s name for flying objects.  Kinsley knows quite a lot about such things because Cal’s brother Bryan is a pilot on an airline that flies into Jackson. Kinsley saw Bryan fly in to Jackson this summer. Since then, flying things have been “Byanplanes”)

When the helicopter came close, we waved.  Kinsley had been a bit grumpy since I’d woken him up.  But when he saw the helicopter and waved, he smiled, and said “Watch, Daddyplane, watch Daddyplane”  I wanted a picture of the smile, but I was holding him.  After the helicopter went to the next house, he repeated for awhile: “mo mo, watch, Daddyplane”

Since I couldn’t get a picture of the smile today, here’s one of my favorites of Kinsley from two weeks ago.  My mom, Kinsley and I had been picking (and digging up) vegetables for several hours, so he was pretty tired.

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