Autumn Days

It’s finally been cool enough to go camping!

Cal and Kinsley and a couple friends had a guys night.  (I stayed at the house  with the Choctaw Bible Translation office manager and her mom).

Kinsley had great fun with the hammer.  Watching Daddy put up the tent.  Finding things to use it for.  Except when he dropped it on his toe.  I don’t know if that’s why he was grumpy here.

Kinsley slept in till 8!  (he almost never sleeps past 6:30)

One of the guys came by the house after and took a family picture:

Kinsley swept while Martin worked on his photo journal.

The cousins came over on my birthday .  . .

And the same event – he looks like such a big boy in this picture.

And at the park with his friend Jack:

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