Kinsley’s summer activities (Part 1)

OK, time for an update again. This orignal post became overly large so I split it into two. The first one has his birthday and some of his normal day to day activities. The second part will have a couple significant events that happened over the summer. Note: Zero (0) effort has been put forth in conforming to the rigours of chronological accounting in these presentations.

The major event for Kinsley this summer was turning 2 which included:
… presents (of which “baloom” were the highlight)!

… ripping off wrapping paper

… blowing out candles at his party …

… with friends at a park where he loves to go “weee”

… and perhaps less happily … a 2yr doctor checkup!

Kinsley has grown into quite the little helper around the house and in the kitchen!

One of Kinsley’s fascinations this summer was with tents:

On any given day, Kinsley’s liable to be found:

… playing with his toys (how in the sam hill he’s ended up with as many as he has I’ll never know. I can count on 1 hand the number we’ve actually bought for him.)

… “playing” with Mr. Tip (Quotations as the meaning and derived enjoyment on the part of Mr. Tip is variable)

… taking a walk with Mommy, Daddy, both or anyone willing to go outside with him

… reading

… having devotions before bed

… or curled up for a nap

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