To the beach

FINALLY … it’s been too long since we’ve posted an update on Kinsley’s adventures. Well, he had a pretty big adventure recently … going to the beach for his first time ever!

In penance for belated birthday greetings, Bryan offered to buy lunch if we were in Gulfport, MS on Wed. Bryan had extra time in Gulfport between flights but it’s a 3 hour drive from Jackson so he was hardly expecting us to show up. As it turned out, I (Cal) had already scheduled the day off. Laura Christel was at the Choctaw office. So between the the beautiful weather, a chance to see Uncle Bryan, K’s first beach experience and free lunch we figured “Why not?”.

K does a good job of warming up to and enjoying new experiences but he does have to process them first. Getting over the “guk” of the sand was easy enough … but his grimace at the first taste of salt water was priceless!

Something was not adding up. He knows what water (even pool water) is “supposed” to taste like and this was obviously water but tasted bad enough to cry about … but dad and Uncle Bryan were laughing so it couldn’t be too serious! Even so, it was “ghyuk!!!”

Splashing Uncle Bryan back made up for it and made the water a fun place to be again. Playing in the sand was fun too … at least once the initial sensation of not being able to move his legs turned out to be “OK”.

“Give me 5!” … stomach crunches that is.

“Hey … this is kinda fun!”

Drumming . . .

. . . taught by Uncle Bryan.

I (Laura Christel) of course missed my boys, but was glad they all could have such spontaneous fun.  The drumming pictures catch that expression on Kinsley’s face that reflects the moments we enjoy every day. Kinsley reveling in action, experiencing new ideas, engaging his people and loving being with them.

“What’s not to love, when they give me whipped cream?!”

Kinsley complained bitterly when we headed for home after lunch rather than back to the “lo” (“shower” = “lo”, “shower” is water, “lo” = any kind of water … from a tap, in the sink, shower, sprinkler and apparently ocean).

Apparently the whole experience made a real impression on him. After supper on Wed back in Jackson he got out his bucket and shovel to play beach on the dining room floor and asked momma to join him. The toys also came out Thurs and Sunday mornings as well.



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