A Family Fair: 4th of July preparation

In my recent Wycliffe update on the 66th Annual Choctaw Indian Fair, I promised a family update.  The Choctaw Indian Fair was July 8-11, where the Choctaw Bible Translation Committee (CBTC) had a booth. (If you didn’t get last week’s Wycliffe-CBTC update and would like it, just reply and let us know!)

Attending the fair was a family affair. 😛  It started the weekend before. We drove to the translation office Friday the 4th so i could help organize.  On our way we stopped briefly at my co-worker’s community.  She’d reserved the pool for family fun!

My boys are like fish, if there is water, they must be in it!! Can you tell which is which?!




IMG_8150Then we all got up early Saturday for a long day of work.  Cal is testing the staple gun on the boys’ play box:



The boys took a break in the afternoon to play at their friend Cerulean’s house.  And Hannah and Priska came to the office and helped. We organized stacks and stacks of documents.

(I was so grateful for the time to organize.  We uncovered a lot.  And used a lot during the fair!  I noticed it most poignantly at our quarterly board meeting.  Fair completed. Reports in.  Decision time. About to make a motion. But none of us could remember precisely the current status!  We needed a legal document.  No time to search.  No need to wait for next quarter. We put our hands right on the paper! Found and filed on the 4th of July!)

Here’s Hannah with Rio:



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