Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! May the knowledge of Creator Love — created here with us — fill your soul.

Christmas Family PhotoIt’s been a busy an overwhelming season, these last few years.  Uphill.  Good.  Beautiful.  We think about our many friends and family far oftener than we have sent a message.  We were spending a couple hours with the Jackson Lavallees and Abrahams, and our brother Ashley captured a family moment.  Rio (14 months) and Kinsley (4 1/2 yrs) challenge us and fill our life with smiles!

Kinsley loves alphabets and phonics, writing, numbers and shapes. He loves trucks, identifies each one he sees and his fleet in the basement rarely gets a day off work.  Rio wants to do every thing he see us all do – take things out of containers, put lids on containers, open the compost bucket, play in the water in the bathroom, throw things in the trash, and the list goes on. He’s been described as “bouncing off the walls”, and “a walking tornado.” (Mom said tonight it reminded her of my nickname: Tiger)  He’s working very hard on his words.   First word: “Ba,” mumured nonchalantly, waving. (Everybody can say that.) When someone leaves — or when he wants to leave!  He practices ‘ma’ and ‘mi’ very hard and often.  He says combinations of them, looking at me, and grins and laughs when I smile, delighted.  Then Kinsley laughs and mimics Rio, and Rio says it again and they laugh.  (By the way, Kinsley called both Cal and me ‘Daddy’ for several months before he started saying ‘Mommy’)

Cal has walked through some good – and busy – transitions in his company this year.  He still enjoys his job.  I still travel to the Choctaw lands for quarterly or special meetings, and keep up through emails, phone and Skype.

We traveled to Nigeria visiting Cal’s family in February.  We traveled to two of his siblings’ weddings in July.  And in Jackson we have plenty of extended family activities to enjoy!  We had the joy of hosting Abi and Roger and kids for several weeks.  And we’ve had many other friends come visit!  We enjoy various house projects and maintenance, as well as keeping music in our lives through a concert here and there or just singing as a family.

May the Creator’s song be in your heart and lift your soul as you travel life’s road!  We love you!


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