Rio: time warp

As an update, Rio is fine today, April 24. And has been since his hospital visit in January! We don’t really know what it was – all the tests came back clear. Maybe intestinal twisting that resolved itself? Or perhaps a strong reaction to the herbs in Airborne that I’d taken the night before? We’re just glad he’s doing well!!

I wrote the post “Brothers” two days ago on April 22. It didn’t work. I couldn’t even find the problem. Then Cal repaired it. The program sent ‘Brothers’. And then it sent ‘Happy Rio’ that had only partially worked on Jan 15. Sorry for the confusion.

My Lola, my mom’s mom, told us to ALWAYS date our letters. She typed us a letter every week. She wrote multiple copies at a time using layers of carbon and onion skin paper. And typing REALLY hard. Always with the date. Apparently her advice still applies. 🙂

Also, sorry for the delayed clarification. I started this blog post yesterday.
A normal 24-hr bug got Kinsley and I and interrupted it. We are feeling just better enough to lie on the bed and color while Rio naps:


Rio wanting to taste everything he can get his hands on. Yesterday:


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