Getting Ready for Baby

Beside the obvious physical presence of “baby” in mommy’s tummy, we’ve tried to help Kinsley get ready for the impending modification to his life that a new sibling will bring.

Back in Sept, he and I attended a “New Siblings Class” provided by the hospital as part of a pre-registration package. They did a very nice job of teaching the kids to change a doll diaper, giving them some concrete connection by visiting the birthing suites and re-enforcing the importance of not poking or putting things into baby’s mouth, nose, eyes and ears.



He’s also been helping mommy stay relaxed!

As part of helping mommy relax and just for the fun of it, Kinsley and I went camping this weekend. Friday night got down to 36(F) which was a mite chilly. When we mentioned last Thursday about camping his first comments was “I’m not going to drop the hammer on my toe!” — which is what he had done last year while camping and had a black toe nail for a couple of weeks afterwards. He was true to his word about not dropping it on his toe, but did manage to catch the side of his finger with it and get a nasty ouch. For the amount of time he spent playing with that hammer, though, he came out remarkably unscathed.

While Laura Christel’s been at water aerobics for the past weeks, K has come with me to MS Swing rehearsals on Mon nights. He, of course, needs participate as well so I found my old warm-up “short cut” and mouthpiece so now he has a trumpet too!


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