Traveling: from cold to warm

It was pouring when we left our house.  At least we had good Thai food to look forward to!

See, Jackson doesn’t have good Thai food.  We stopped for lunch to see our friend Amy in Hattiesburg.  Hattiesburg is a much smaller town in between Jackson and New Orleans. And the Thai restaurant Jutamas is superb. 


Kinsley wanted to take a picture of Amy – he’s learning!


Kinsley pouring tea for Mommy.  (I was freezing, hot tea was just the thing) (Oh, sorry for the phone pictures – these moments don’t stick around long!)




Taking a walk with our friend Jayur by the Missisissippi River.  In the cold wind. When is it EVER  50 degrees in New Orleans on May 3???!!!



“Look, mommy, a boat!!  Over there!!”



Here’s the boat he’s watching, with the Huey P. Long (Jefferson County) bridge in the background.


Kinsley’s also happy about the cranes and excavators:


Retrieving him so we could turn around a go get supper.  He couldn’t have been happier, throwing rocks in the puddles by the excavator.


He’s been looking forward to the big plane and the big boat a long time.  On Monday when we got home after work and babysitting respectively, he said Mommy could get out and he was going to wait.  I asked him what he was waiting for.  He said to go to the big plane and the big boat.  So I showed him on the calendar what day we were going to leave, and we put a sticker on the calendar when we finished each day.  In New Orleans we put on the last sticker!

Every trip, Kinsley pulls his luggage as long as he can.  Here he is at the New Orleans airport with his fish backpack and pulling his suitcase.  Here he is looking around, fascinated and excited to finally be at the airport.


Here’s Kinsley in front of the big boat.  It was the last leg of the tired trip. We’d left in the rain, but arrived in the sun!!


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