K’s First Christmas

So it’ s been a little while since we posted but here are some of Kinsley’s adventures over the holidays.

Always on the go …

“I’m sure they don’t see me … ”

Opening presents with cousins

“Aaah … more paper!”

Aunt Rachel’s puppy hat on a bear suit; oh well … it’s warm 🙂

Helping out at the Choctaw Bible Translation office

Six month doctor check up.
Dr:  “He’s sitting up on his own?”
Us: “Yup”
Dr: “He’s up on all fours?”
Us: “Yup … and crawling and pulling himself up on anything he can hold on to.”
Dr:  “Oh, that’s not on my 6mo form; I have to go the 12 mo form for that.”

Exploring the MS Children’s Museum
“Can he climb steps yet?”
“No idea, let’s try it”
“Well, what do you know. Glad we don’t have too many at home!”

Playing at the park

Always the orator … proclaiming who knows what to the world 🙂

and sleeping …

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