Kinsley’s new moves. And Tip strikes back.

There are a couple of moments that I can’t really get pictures of that are just fun.

Kinsley is moving now.  Circles, backwards, sideways, just great! He just can’t move forward yet – which is extremely frustrating to him.  I admit, I let him work a little, which he’s not necessarily happy about.  Yesterday he was moving in circles as usual and getting more and more frustrated.  And then as he moved he ran into my foot. I had socks on. He realized it was my foot, laid his right hand on my ankle and lay his head down on my foot and started sucking his thumb.  It really was a sweet moment.

The other moment happened a few minutes ago.  The animals generally seem to have accepted Kinsley’s place in the house. Right now Kinsley is asleep.  A couple minutes ago we hear Tip loudly crying, but walking around.  Then he walks right through our room, proudly carrying a string of Kinsleys plastic link toys. Still meowing loudly. And ran away from us when we got up after him.  Apparently it wasn’t crying it was crowing.

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